VAT in Europe

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  • Are you not logged in? Prices are shown including 21% DUTCH VAT.
  • Are you logged in? Prices are shown including the VAT percentage applicable for your country.
  • Are you logged in and the parts will be shipped outside the EU? VAT is not applicable and therefor 0%.
With effect from July 1st 2021, the EU legislator prescribes that VAT levied on an e-Commerce order must be paid in the country to which the order is sent.

The percentage of VAT of the country concerned must be used.

At the time of writing this information page, for example, the VAT in the Netherlands and Belgium is 21%, but in France 20% and for example Finland 24%. Current VAT rates can be found on THIS SITE.

We have decided that, as long the customer is not logged in,  to show prices including 21% DUTCH VAT. We do this because we do not want to disappoint your with some 1/5 of the price extra at checkout.

I am a EU resident:
Once you have logged in, the prices will be shown including the applicable VAT percentage for your country. That VAT percentage is charged and paid in the relevant country. (If you have a company and want to reclaim the VAT, you can do so with our enclosed invoice).
I am not a non EU resident:
Once logged-in prices are shown without VAT; no VAT will be charged.
Note: For the United Kingdom there is a minimum order amount due to the complexity of the VAT rules. At the time of this writing, that is an amount equivalent to GBP 135.

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