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This document contains all conditions for shipping and returns. 

Please print and read this text before ordering form 

You will be prompted to agree to these terms. By ordering you agree to these terms.

Shipping Shipping method
We ship by using the services of TNT Post or DPD. We have contracted TNT Postand DPD for all our shipments. For shipping we have to invoice 21% VAT, which is included in the calculated shipping cost in the web-software. Almost every shipment carries a Track&Trace code, so at any time we will know exactly where the shipment is. Shipments outside the EU are not subject to VAT.

Shipping moment
As soon as your payment is visible in our bank-account, we will ship your order. That is, if we don’t need to back-order a part of your order.

Partial Shipments
If there is an unacceptable delay in your order, because one or more parts are not on stock, we can do a partial delivery. We will contact you before we do this. A partial delivery must of course be useful. There is no use in shipping 3 sets of piston rings, and having to wait for the fourth set. A partial delivery will like this will not speedup your project.

Returns Private Persons
In some cases one or more parts need to be returned. It is always better to contact us first, before you return any parts. If you return parts please use the following address:

Included in any return shipment we need a copy of the original invoice, and a note with your comments of why you return the part. A copy of our e-mail exchange is accepted as a note. Any shipment not accompanied with documentation can and will not be processed by us. NB. If you wish your part to be credited, include full banking information for crediting.

Returns Companies
The same conditions as for private persons, except we will charge a 20% re-stockingfee for every part returned.

Shipping damage
If a part appears to be defective or broken, it can be returned to will credit the shipping cost, and sent you a new replacement part.

Wrong parts
If parts were delivered wrongly (that is: we shipped the wrong parts), these parts can be sent back. All shipping cost will be credited by Also, we will sent you the correct parts.

Wrong Ordered
Of course there is always a possibility that you ordered the wrong parts. Or maybe you ordered the wrong number of parts. These parts can also be returned, and will be credited after we have checked them. Shipping cost however is to be payed by the customer.

No-motivation-return (Right-to-Return)
If after all you do not need the product, it can be sent back within 10 working days after delivery. The day of delivery is defined by the Track&Trace code (3SYCEE9******): TNT website will provide the delivery date using this code. The product(s) are to be returned to in their original, unopened, undamaged packaging. After receipt and check will credit the total amount of the parts excluding any shipping cost. All cost of returning the parts to are to be payed by the customer. (If your shipment has no Track&Trace code, the period for returns is 15 days after shipping-date).

EXCEPTIONS OF Right-to-Return

Electrical Parts
No electrical parts can be sent back.

New/mounted parts
New parts that have been mounted These are parts that were bought at, and were mounted (once or more) on the customers motorcycle or sub-parts of the motorcycle.

Used Parts
All used parts cannot be returned to When requested will provide all the necessary information to judge the condition of the part remotely. If the customer does not feel he can judge the part given the information, strongly suggests NOT to buy the part. Of course there is always the possibility to judge the part in our shop.

Emphasis: does not sell bad or heavily worn used parts. We have a 30 year of SOHC/4 experience, and we would not sell a used part that we would not fit in our own motorcycles.

Specially ordered parts
All parts that show the remark “low stock” during checkout. These parts will be ordered specially on customer order.

Other Parts
All parts that we have specifically commented in our web shop having a non-return policy.

If you have finalized your order and you realize that you forgot to order soem parts, you can simply place this order as a new order. Click on "shipping to your country" again. The size of the parts determines whether the delivery will be a letterbox package or a regular package. Depending on the final shipping method, we will refund the excess amount to your account.

In some cases you can click "pick up parts in our shop", but not after having consulted us.

Please note: if the status of your order is "shipped", we obviously cannot add more parts.

Version history
(version 1.0 d.d. 2009-12-07) First edition
(version 1.1 d.d. 2013-09-12) Changed 19% VAT to 21% VAT
(version 1.2 d.d. 2024-02-26) Added Forgotten